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Keep Informed on H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic
Since the US media doesn't seem to care about swine flu at all (yet ironically cares about healthcare), I'd highly recommend for you to keep informed on the progression of the pandemic over at International SOS -- my company is a client of theirs, and I'm very impressed with their capabilities.

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This is neat, thanks for posting this! I just got over the virus last week, which responded VERY well to the anti-viral Tamiflu. I was almost better within 4 days.

That's WONDERFUL that the doctors caught it quick enough to get Tamiflu.

I would guess the reason it is not a hot news item is that, in the US at least, generally H1N1 is no more contagious or more lethal than seasonal flu.

Except that it attacks young, healthy populations more easily, and has a death rate 4 times higher for pregnant women. Those are some pretty novel characteristics.

Agreed on the pregnant women. As far as the young, healthy populations: I am aware of the "cytokine storm" phenomenon but as far as I know this has not happened on a wide scale.

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