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Mmmm, beer.
Idea from a coworker: beer-cheese risotto.

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Is there something you're seeing that I'm not? You've finer taste buds than I, but while I do adore beer, cheese, and risotto, that sounds obnoxious at first glance.

Good chicken stock, pale ale, aged cheddar, shallots, and mushrooms? Yeah, I'd hit that.

How much beer would you use, ratio-wise? Would you simply sub out the white wine with pale ale, or would you also sub out some of the chicken stock?

Maybe 1:4 ale:stock. But I dunno...I knew a place when I was growing up that made unbelievable beer-cheese soup, and I could never replicate it...I could get the texture but never the balance between the beer and cheese. If the beer is too strong or too weak the whole thing doesn't work.

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